Urban Navy receiving the first Turkey attack drone

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on July 15th, according to the Ukrainian Department of Defense News, the Ukrainian Navy received the first BayraktartB2 attack-type drone from Turkey. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued a message on social media: "Supply Navy’s first ‘BayraktartB2’ attack drone has arrived in Ukraine. We are in the final acceptance test.

We will obtain effective monitoring and covering capabilities for the Black Sea and Aihai coast and the sea, as well as the ability to use high-precision weapons to attack enemies and underwater facilities. "Report, Turkish Foreign Minister Chesopeus, in the comment of this transaction between Turwu, said that Turkey sold drones to Ukraine without prerequisites, the transaction is not targeting Russia. But Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmitry Ku Beiba previously said that Ukraine purchased an attack-type drone from Turkey for "containing" Russia and protects the territory of our country.

Russian Duma Mills Russen Bablik scare the Kyiv’s position when commented on this news, and those drones are like "fine straw", and it is inevitable with it to scare the Russian army. (Editor: Chen Yu, Tang Song) Sharing let more people see.