Wuhan Diary: They are volunteers, where is it?

Volunteers are in the temporary warehouse. The respondent is for more than 30 nights in the day.

Who knows that a friend of the Wuchang District Government will help him: "The hospital materials are lacking, can you help me to do a mask?" Xu Guangyu did not say, donated all of his own. … later, even some friends of the field also contact him: "We want to donate a batch of materials, need someone to dock." "We donate money, can you buy supplies?" "Maybe, I can do something.

"Just like this, Xu Guangyu stands out, one, one to find volunteers.

Now, the team is 50 people before and after the team. "Dry and less, all heroes" earliest to join the volunteer team, Yu Ge George.

This kind of love for the fitness is the assistant of Xu Guangyu.

30,000 protective clothing, 3000 goggles, 10,000 N95 masks, reception, distribution, delivery – the most tired day, Yu Ge George and companions from 10 am to 10:00, there is no time to eat. After a day before, I’m afraid of Joozhi, I only knew it, "a glass of water can be opened one day.

"And I will only know that in the morning in the warehouse, I have been going to the 7-strand mast car trunk and the rear seat box, called Wang Aiming.

The boss of this chain restaurant not only makes his BMW car as a "carriage", but also makes himself a horse: never missed any team volunteer event. Just married money super, Wen Wen Xiaodiao, holding his parents to participate in the volunteer team, also pulling his colleague … "There are also volunteers to withdraw, after all, is infectious disease, who is not afraid of doing things? Can do more Less, all hero! "For this group of companions, Xu Guangyu is grateful and admired. "Where need, I will send it" in Wuhang volume of Donghu Garden shop, buy Qi, after moving 1000 volumes of sanitary paper, Xu Guangyu took several volunteers to the next supermarket and towels.

Today, they want to buy more than 1,000 daily necessities, and donate to the new centrip hospital for Hanyang Smoke Factory.

The inventories of several supermarkets have been purchased by them. Some supermarkets simply send the upstream supplier ‘s phone to Xu Guangyu.