Xinhua full media + | First observation | one two three! Why did the General Secretary participate in these two links?

  The medical and health world, the education world, the light is to see the name of the independence, and the "People’s Livelife". On the afternoon of March 6, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Committee of the Political Consultative Conference on the 13th meeting of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of China and participated in the group discussion. This time, the general secretary came to the medical and health sector, and the education community.

  A "combination" National CPPCC has 34 contest.

Since the national two sessions in 2013, the General Secretary participated in the medical and health community, and the education sector will still be the first time.

  Which is "joint"? It can be seen from the press release. As a result, the anti-ioxpantio will be tightly "joint". In the face of new crown pneumonia epidemics in a hundred years, the general medical workers are A, retrograde, and the majority of educators are selfless dedication, passing big love, bringing light to the public in the days of viruses.

General Secretary specially visited these two communists, reflecting special concerns. Second, "public welfare" will be tightly "joint".

General Secretary He mentioned in the group discussion, "adhering to the public welfare of basic medical and health", "adhere to the principle of education public welfare", these two "public welfare" points out the same place.

  Two important meetings last year, when developing the "14th Five-Year Plan" proposal, General Secretary specially held a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of experts from experts in education and cultural health sports. After more than 5 months, discuss the draft "14th Five-Year Plan", the General Secretary and the Pharmaceutical Sanitary Community, and the Education Committee honestly communicates, and the bush country is. Top floor design, brainstorming.

Two important conferences, called research and asked about the vivid samples of the people.

  Both meetings cover education and health sector.

Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood, medical treatment is the needs of people’s livelihood, and it is aware of "Minsheng" in the national development strategy.

  "People’s livelihood well-being achieved new level" is one of the main goals of economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan. 20 main indicators in the draft outline, the most well-being of people’s livelihood, covering income, employment, education, medical, pension, and childhood.

  This undoubtedly clarifies the "people’s livelihood" bottom line that must be held, fully reflecting the people-oriented thinking.

  "There is no health, there is no comprehensive well-off" "" Try to stop due to illness, due to illness, "centuries, education as this" "poverty, poverty, poverty alleviation," people who are familiar with "Golden Quick sentence ", Briefly reveals the basic status of medical and education in the national prosperity, national revitalization, and people’s happiness.

  Whether it is to further consolidate the comprehensive well-off China’s health, or use education, the most persistent, effective way to block poor intergenerational delivery is both related to consolidating the outcome of the poverty, and is also related to comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries.

  Education, teaching and education; medical, treating people. Health care and education are doing "people" work. "People’s comprehensive development" is the lofty goal of Marxism, and a keyword of the 14th Five-Year Planning of the National Two Conferences and the Draft of the 2035 Route Targets. Health people in modern context have two basic mean, one is good health, the second is to improve the personality, which is also the meaning of realizing "human comprehensive development".

  So, how should the whole society treat doctors, a teacher? The two sentences of the General Secretary have distinctive: "The good atmosphere to create a strong doctor" "The Social Fashion of Promoting the Heavy Education". An atmosphere, a fashion, about everyone, and is far-reaching.

Only the whole society will support health care and education, in order to move towards people’s comprehensive development.

  The people care about the pain points and difficulties in the field of education, and the general secretary has touched in the speech, and pointed out the direction of reform attack.

  Reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, increase the construction of public health care institutions, deepen the reform of medical and health system … all to protect the health of the people.

  With the reform of education and evaluation, it is advised to promote education, running a school model, management system, and the reform mechanism reform … .

  "Providing a higher quality and efficient health service" "High-quality teachers will have high quality education", transmitting the bright signals of high quality development in the new development stage. In the beginning of the opening, this meeting of the people’s subjective status in the national two sessions, the highest proposition platform for the people’s masses, highlights the initiative of General Secretary General Secretary to "not negative". Producer: Zhao Chengguang: Huo Xiaoguang Coordination: Che Yuming, Zhang Xiaosong, Wang Wei, Lei Min Main Pen: Huang Yu, Yang Yizhang Vision 丨 Editor: Yang Wenrong, Zhang Hui, Baoyan Xinhua News Agency.