Weifang City Fire Rescue Detachment launched a commemoration of the 99th anniversary of the founding and "mission" theme party day activities

During the event, all personnel went to Weifang Party’s Educational Base to visit "Mission" Memorial Hall, held a revision ceremony, under the leadership of the pavilion, have visited the "internal and external worries, bravely made nation independence," hundred Was-inquiry, Gan is doing a hard work, "" Spring Tide " Historical pictures, one page literature information, one piece of field real thing, review the major historical incidents of Weifang, the construction of Weifang, the construction of the Yanyama Reservoir, and Wang Bo Xiang and other revolutionary deeds, the first-time character is the party The huge contributions made in the revolution, the construction, the reform struggle, paying great sacrifices and achieved brilliant achievements. By visiting learning, each party member further recognizes that the initiality and mission of the Communists come, recognize the fundamental question of "who" for anyone, relying on who ", deeply understanding" heroism, not afraid of sacrifice, battle will win, attack The mission of the Wuxian Campaign and "Glory into Walk, Golden Net Casse", received a profound partial education, revolutionary traditional education and ideal belief education.