The Xinjiang Military Region, a certain and resident Border Defense Committee to improve the cruise condition, and the side defense patrol road is included in the emergency repair project.

The Xinjiang Military Region, a residentary defense committee, improve the patrol condition, the side guard circuit is included in the emergency repair project. Walk patrol.

"On November 5th, a part of the Xinjiang Military Region, Wang Wei, Wang Wei, driving patrol cars and his comrades, listening to the cold wind of the car, he couldn’t help but feel emotion. The part is near the glacier of Tianshan Mountain, At sea level 3000 meters between 7000 meters. The officers and soldiers patrol the mountain high road insurance, mudslides, avalanches and other natural disasters, and the sand patrol roads are often destroyed.

At the beginning of July, the heavy rain in the past was destroyed many patrol roads.

After the military joint patrol survey team, the military will declare to the superior: the border patrol road is included in the Emergency Repair Project of the Resident Front Defense Committee.

"The border security road is safe, and must be fully resolved." Zhang Xingzhi, director of the Resident Frontier Defense Office, under the higher-level guidance, they specialize in the establishment of the emergency repair leadership team, allocating special funds to build patrol roads.

But repairing the road is not easy. The weather is unpredictable, and the snow that melts on the mountain in the morning, in the afternoon, it adds ice on the road to increase a lot of difficulty to the construction. Due to the large road curve and large decline, it is not possible to use large machinery, and the amount of manual work is doubled.

Zhang Xingzhi said that in order to completion before the winter, the construction team used the "people’s shutdown to constantly" continuous construction.

In order to reduce the damage to the patrol road, they also build trenches on the road of the mountains, reinforce the defenders, re-construct the drainage system. "The hardships of repairing the road make everyone feel the unlike the officers and soldiers, the relevant military departments pay more attention to improving and maintaining border defense infrastructure." The leaders said that there is still a lot of patrol roads like such a zone, they have lived with the station The Border Defense Committee reached a consensus, and all the patrol roads that need to be maintained shall be included in the emergency repair section to ensure that the patrol road is repaired in time.