The State Council issued a notice issued by the 2030-prodrug-only action program (Guofa [2021] No. 23)

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the industrial structure and energy structure adjustment optimization have improved significant progress, and the energy utilization efficiency of key industries has greatly improved, and the growth of coal consumption is strictly controlled. The new power system has accelerated construction, green low-carbon technology research and development and promotion applications have made new progress. The green production and lifestyle is generally implemented, which is conducive to the policies system of green low-carbon circulation development. By 2025, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption reached 20%, and the energy consumption of GDP in the unit decreased by 2020, and the units of domestic product decreased by 18% in 2020, which lay a solid foundation for the realization of carbon-up peaks.

During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, the industrial structure adjustment has made significant progress, the cleaning and low-carbon safety and efficient energy system preliminary establishment, the low-carbon development model of low-carbon development is basically formed in the key field, the energy utilization efficiency of the key energy consumption industry reaches the international advanced level, non-fossil energy consumption Further improvement, coal consumption is gradually reduced, and the green low-carbon technology has achieved key breakthroughs, and the green lifestyle has become a public conscious choice, and the green low-carbon circulation policy system is basically sound. By 2030, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption reached approximately 25%, and the company’s domestic product carbon dioxide emissions fell more than 65% higher than 2005, and successfully realized the carbon peak goal in 2030. Turning carbon peaks into the whole process of economic and social development and various aspects, focusing on energy green low-carbon transitions, energy-saving and carbon saving operations, carbon peaks in the industrial sector, urban and rural construction carbon Damu action, transportation green low carbon Action, circular economy to help carbonize, green low-carbon technology innovation action, carbon discharge capacity consolidate improvement action, green low-carbon national action, carbon-carbon peaks of carbon peaks in various regions.

Energy is an important substance foundation for economic and social development, and is also the main source of carbon emissions.

It is necessary to adhere to safety carburization. Under the premise of ensuring energy security, vigorously implement renewable energy replacement, speed up the construction of a clean low-carbon safe and efficient energy system.