When the moon is happened, why is the moon be "shameful"?

  Xinhua News Agency Tianjin November 17th (Reporter Zhou Runjian) Many "expressions" have a lot of kinds, moth months, upper string, sharp convex month, lower string month, loss, full moon, etc. Among them, the monthly bias and month full food that occurred during the full moon is a "super expression package" that is worth seeing. One very close to the whole food will be unveiled at Tianyu on November 19, and most of my country is visible.

When the moon is happened, the moon’s "face" is partially or why will it become red? In this regard, astronomical science experts give an explanation. The Director of Tianjin Astronomical Society, Tianwen Science Experts have been introduced that the moon is divided into three kinds of meal, monthly, the monthly eclipse and the meal whole food, among which the moonfall and monthly food is worth appreciating. The moon when the moonlight occurs, is like being "eating a bite" by the sky, a part of the white or white yellow, the other is black, the proportion of the two colors changes at any time according to the different phases of the monsters. If you adjust the exposure parameters when you take pictures, you can also shoot dark red in black. When the food of the month, the whole moon is dark red. Repairing Peng explained that when the moon enters the earth, the sun does not directly reach the moon, but it can be reached through the refraction of the Earth atmosphere.

The sunlight is mixed by the light of red, orange, yellow, green and other colors, which are scattered and absorbed by extremely tiny atmospheric molecules in the atmosphere process during refraction.

The shorter the wavelength, the sloppy is easily affected, and the longest red light of the wavelength is not affected, and it can penetrate the atmosphere to refraction to the moon behind the earth shadow. Therefore, when the food of the meal, the moon saw the moon is dark red, the so-called "red moon".

  Perhaps people living in big cities feel that "red moon" is not fresh.

If you pay attention to observation, people often have just riser in the moon soon or they will see "Red Moon". Although it looks "red moon", it is still very different. "Moonlight is reflected solar light, which is also made up of the light of these colors.

If the moon is highly low, the thickness of the moonlight needs to pass through a high temperature than the moon, and the short wavelength is shorter, only the long wavelength red, orange, and yellow these three colors of the three colors Arrived at our eyes, so the moon looks orange yellow or even some red.

As the moon gradually rises, the moon will soon become white or white. "Repair Peng said. (End).